I Clark(Yahan) was once a part of Combine Guard which at the time was something great. Then couple months go by CGRP closed down. The script was secertly given out to few. In 2009 I update it and called it Kiwi(new face left). I have since then added alot of features. Features from other script and soem that I have made my self.

Botman for CGRP.
Me for all the updates and fixes.
Rick for animations.
Waffler for his foot steps.

This can be any type of roleplay with your editing just ask schumacher.

Custom HUD system
Custom menus and layout
Almost all weapons have an ironsight ability
Saving characters
NO SQL required. This uses data stream and makes sure players can't upload via datastream.

A working radio system.
Working combine system (OW CA CCA )
In character and out of character chat
   Personal Messaging system
   Local Out Of character chat
   Radio system (With request ability)
   Yell function
   Whisper Function
   /me function
   Global out of character chat
   Standard proximity chat
   Broadcast system
   Advertisement System
   And a few others

Title(about your character)
Business flag
Black market flag system
Inventory based on item size and weight -- WIP.

Useable and Playable Citizen Voices
Toggleable character animations

Extensive Administration function system
List of commands a few commands:
  Permanent ban
  You can grant players BM PHYS TT

If you have any question you can contact me in the thread Since I am the only person with knowledge of this game mode. Schumacher knows jack crap. Also he didn’t take one part in actually helping me with this gamemode. All he did was ask me every day when it would be done.

If you animations are fucked up.
Get the Proper GCF Scape Models
Download a program called GCF Scape (Google It) and extract Source 2007 Shared Models to your servers model folder.

If you having trouble with door system look below.
Simple view

rp_newdoor “group” “door name”
then go into data/kiwi/doors and edit the door.

What its actually looks like.

Will I ever update kiwi?
If enough people request updates then I shall.

Has anyone tried to sell this?
Schumacher twice. Some guy here on FP and No Fear.
-No fear didn’t ask he approached no fear.

Whats up with this schumacher guy?
He’s a guy who thinks he knows it all(truely doesn’t) and thinks he knows all the top gmod coders on a person level(steam friends). Just to prove the point he went out and bought a lua book yto some how help him with lua look where it got him leaking scripts.

What did I add to make this new?
Foot steps – ty waffler
CCA radio sounds when chat open
Door system fix
Admin system fix
Character creation
Title menu
Door menu
Weapons (like mac10 glock)
Chat fix
And various other stuff that I can’t think of.



Have any and all question post below.

This isn’t code stolen from cake. Cake was created after the fall of CGRP. Cake was announce mid June of 2008. If anything nori got his hands on this code when CGRP went down.

I’m sorry but I was like “the fuck?” during the entire thread.
Some screencaps would be cool.

The gamemode could have some potential from what I read.

I posted them good luck.

Wow, thanks alot. Thats about the 4th gamemode release today. Anymore? Maybe PERP? lol

What ever. Seem right allow people to get the full story of the gamemode and to provide support. This might actually help someone with an interest in something other than DarkRP.

Example of what it use to look like.

Old CGRP forums Look for a user called clark. Thats me.
No one posts there so don’t bother.

Already released. Why you want it? I have a copy.

Ya, it uses MySQL right?

Well of course PERP does.

I have the script :smiley:

how do i fix the weps they are all messed up

Could you upload the content used in this? Some things are errors such as the sql.

Also, what map is that in the screenshots?

I’d like to know why you guys took my code, removed all my credit lines, and then tried to even go as far as selling it. This isn’t your gamemode, it’s just CakeScriptG2 with a few more features on it and some parts from TacoScript.

The OP stated that SQL isn’t used.

Sorry, SQL is also the codename for one of the combine flags.

sql is something like combine commander or something. ERROR playermodel.

Im pretty sure the SqL model is Leet CP which can be found here

I know, I guessed as much but I would prefer it if I had all the available content downloaded at once, so people who join could be redirected to it easier.


it does look and sound alot like cakescript…
especially the part about gcf models and stuff…


I looked at the code. Most of it is from CakeScript and TacoScript.

Getting Horny :smiley:

Yeah just test it, it is very good… But just a thing that you should fix : you cant unflag someone (Or i didnt saw the command).

I give you a Good Work for this gamemode, seriously, I think its better than Cake