Kiwi - S.T.A.L.K.E.R Roleplay

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Welcome, To Havoc - Gamers, Chernobyl. This gamemode is based off of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, and should be role-played as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Coded by schumacher and clark!

First off, Lets talk about Your role as a S.T.A.L.K.E.R, or rather, a survivor, is to survive (Duh.). You also will

want to try to get some help with a faction. Try to get a friend to travel along with you, as well as trade

weapons, items, armour, exo-skeletons, cloths, food, drink, and ammunition to gain sheets. Sheets are the

currency used; they are small pieces of titanium alloy, worth a lot of money each. The zone you are in is

currently highly radioactive and hazardous. It would be very smart to buy a gas mask, suit, or an exo-skeleton or

you may not live long in the city. However, there is an alternative to purchasing a mask or suit. Only the town is

deadly in radioactivity. The surrounding trees and forest are still radioactive, but at a safe enough level to where

you don’t need your mask on. All buildings, warehouses, or any other areas in the map that have industrial

equipment such as cars, cargo crates, barrels, or any sort of rubble, is DANGEROUSLY hazardous. If you are going

into town, or any other abandoned area, wear your mask, otherwise you die (RPly). If we actually made it so you

would just die, then it would be dumb. Also, There is… another option. In most abandoned warehouses, if there is

some sort of HEAT SOURCE, such as fire or a torch of some sort, radiation lowers. However, it

only lowers down to a less lethal limit, not enough to stay and sleep there, but enough to stay for a day and not

be killed.

Here is a few useful quick rules.

1: Don’t travel on roads and publicly open areas if you are alone. Stay hidden in the shadows and abandonded areas.
2: Factions should stay pretty well hidden, As if another faction doesn’t like you, or your group… Stuff happens.
3: Don’t Randomley kill people
4: Don’t Abuse radios.
Well, Now that those have been thrown out, lets go in to the rules of engagement.
The first thing your OOC mind will think when you see someone with gear on is, Lets kill them and take their stuff!
No. You need to think in a certain fashion, to roleplay correctly and also to survive.
You should be thinking this about the other character on first site:

1: Does he have a weapon? If so, What weapon is it?
2: Is my weapon stronger, How far do you think he can shoot.
3: Is there more than one, You dont want to be caught up in a uneven fight.
4: What is he wearing? What are you wearing? Is his gear more set for combat than yours? Do you want to get injured.
5: Does he have a good escape route, or cover to hide behind? If so, Wait until he doesn’t.

Most important rules:

1: If the guy you planning on looting/robbing/attacking/ambushing has more armour, or a better weapon. Don’t attack him, ICly
That is the best way to ask for a perma kill, It’s called UserGaming, By my dictionary.

2: If the other group has more people than you, HIDE. Stay hidden, Try to escape, The last thing you want is to be out

3: Who has the advantage? If you are in a pill box, and he is in a field, You aquire a better chance of winning.

Terms of importance:

Metagaming: Using OOC information Icly, Your character doesn’t know what you know in real life. He is another person,
in his own world.

Usergaming: Usergaming is when you attack someone that if the situation were real, you would definitly lose the fight. Such
as a infantry unit versus a tank, for example. Who is going to win? If the other person or group has /alot/ more power, don’t
attack, it ruins it.

Powergaming: This is mostly used in the function “/me”, Lets say you and another person’s character are having a RP fist fight
When you use a /me for example, You need to leave part of it open, for returned roleplay, using Craig Schumacher Attempts to punch George in the face*
If you use that, the player can return the roleplay with something like this… *** George Freeman dodges the punch, with a quick duck!***
Leaving inputs for roleplay will make the roleplay more enjoyable, and more realistic in a good rp moment, instead of ruining it
with spamming punches at your enemy.

Roleplaying commands:

Normal Chat: Normal chat is used for --> ROLELPLAY CHAT ONLY <-- It is localy around your player, And /not/ server wide chat.
Basicly it is only seen around your player, as if you were talking in real life, they can’t hear you around the world.

  • Schumacher : /me is used to define actions acted out by your player, If you wanted your character to pick up a handful of dirt on the ground
    you could type “/me Picks up a handfull of dirt on the ground.” Your player wont actually pick up the dirt with a animation, but when
    nearby players see that in there text box, there character just saw your character, pick up some dirt. /me is seen LOCALY, Not globably.

/y : /y Is ROLEPLAY CHAT, And is used to act out your player yelling at/or to something specific such as a character, yelling
has a increased chat range, So if someone is to far away to hear you talk normally, try yelling, it may catch there attention.

/w : /w is used if you want to talk in a very small, quite radius, often used for keeping secrets in between groups, Not letting other people
hear you, Helps alot in roleplaying when you are keeping a secret, or plotting against somebody!

/r : /r is used to speak into your characters radio device, This command is only allowed to be used, if your character carrys a radio along with him
in the inventory (BackPack). Radio is ROLEPLAY CHAT ONLY, And is very useful if your trying to contact faction members, or just
other survivers,STALKERS or refugee’s with a radio. Radio’s also have multiple different frequencys, Just to stop people from finding you talking about something important!,
maybe you might just find a frequency with someone talking about a trade, And you go and investigate. Just make sure you roleplay it!
Now, Lets get on to some of the NON-ROLEPLAY Commands!

// : // is used to talk GLOBALY NON-ROLEPLAY CHAT /ONLY/, This is used for talking about non roleplay relevant things.
It is against the server rules if you talk about roleplay in the OOC chat channel, as it can be used for ‘Metagaming’
which is explained above, in the ‘Terms of importance’ section of the article.
.// : Is used to talk LOCALY NON-ROLEPLAY CHAT /ONLY/, This is basicly the same as // (Global OOC) but is only heard if other players
are locally around your player, Used if you want to say something Non-Roleplay relevant, but only to a certain group of people
or just not said to the whole server.

Lets get onto useful server functions.
One of the most important server features, is clothing/armouring your character.
Clothing gives your character a good look, and is often used by other characters to define how much money, or to tell if you
are a worth target for an attack, or a stupid choice to get near. If you are wearing a fully armoured exo-skeleton, You will only
recieve 50% damage, and if someone were to attack you, and they were equipping weakly protected clothing or armor, It would be a dumb
choice, Most likley resulting in death. Here is a list of most of the clothing…

Dolg Exo-Skeleton.
Freedom Exo-Skeleton.
Specna Exo-Skeleton.
Loner Exo-Skeleton.
Duty Cloaked Hood.
Monolith cloaked hood.
Bandit cloaked hood,
bandit cloaked hood 2 (Different look).
Rebelist Clothing.
Gas Mask rebelist clothing.
Casual refugee clothing.

Another very important server function, would conclude of WEAPONS. Weapons form the roleplay, but that does not mean they are
needed to have a good, enjoyable roleplaying experience. Weapons are often used by other character to judge you in power, If you have
an AK47 Kalishnikov, and he has a Colt 9 millimeter, Attacking you would be pretty stupid. About 90 Percent of the weapons
have Iron Sights, and increase your characters aim. Here is a list of a /few/ weapons, There is
to many to list them all.

Colt 9 Millimeter.
Colt .357 Magnum.
Remmington double barrel shotgun.
Heckler and Koch MachinenPistole 7. (MP7)
Kalishnikov AK47.
Kalishnikov AK74u.
Kalishnikov AK-101
Russian Rocket Propelled Grenade 7. (RPG-7) – Not half-life two’s shitty RPG.
Colt .45 with/without supressor
SKS Semi Automatic Rifle.
Mackerov 10.
Toverov T11 .78 Millimeter
Mosin Nagant M91/30

Another important function on the server is food, Food can often help you regenerate health, after being injured, Or just
if your player is hungry, and wants rations or snacks.

Script Information:

Custom roleplay script built from Scratch.
Account creation
Character creation
Working radio’s, With radio Frequency and menu. ((You need a Handheld radio, or a large radio to use radio chat))
Over 25 readable books, Which give your player In-Character roleplay knowledge.
custom VGUI
Zip Tie features
Zip Tie Items
Custom Weapons
Custom player models
Containers (WIP)

This is not a shitty CakeScript edit, This was coded from /SCRATCH/ No base, No nothing. By Schumacher and Clark (Yahan)

How about some pics?

These pictures were taken from yahan/clark while trading a barkeep for some melons and ammunition, Also our weekly job.

Another photo.


OMG great! i love you, have sex with me

Nice! I have been waiting For Project X to finish

I think this will be the best gamemode ever created. Good job. high five

Wow. Two banned people in my thread. =/

You already have a thread for this…

Yeah, he has about 4 of them I think now.

I personally can’t wait for this to come out, because for some reason I can’t actually believe they coded a gamemode from “scratch”. Meaning, not stealing any code from any other gamemodes. I’ll just have to see it with my own eyes I guess. When is the server going to be up schu?

This is for the gamemode. Other is for community

Server is up right now. I’m currently working on organization of merchant menu (aka items). I’m sure you like it. Also if you want to see some code snippets I shall provide.

Here a post from our forums that I wrote out of the blue.

Apparently our forums are down.


Want to save some time? Download these files here.

These goes in your addons folder.

Player Model:

Okay, I’m currently playing the gamemode now on the server, and I’ll be writing up a bit of what I think of it as I go.

Firstly, I have found the first flaw in your “coded from scratch” gamemode. This character model selection screen, the derma when you first get into the server, is stolen from CakeScript. Completely ripped from it, the model selection and view screen anyway. Anybody that has played Cake will be able to see that.

EDIT: After talking to Yahan for a while, I’ve realised he’s not as retarded as I once thought. While the one model selection thing is pinched from Cake, he doesn’t seem to have known this, though now he does. The gamemode looks nice, and while it will seem familiar to a lot of people who’ve played TacoScript and CakeScript and maybe other gamemodes before, it has it’s own individual flair and works well for what they need to. Plus, he says he’s got some more updates on the way. Sounds good to me.

Thanks for the chat Yahan.

Good luck :slight_smile:

About the roleplaying of radiation, this is very intresting to read. Maybe it can be used in the script that will be made for it too?

Haven’t played on the server yet, but I’m downloading the addons packs atm. Looks very nice.

Looks like a modification of TnB’s script, which means I hate it since it’s just too complicated to use.

Nope. It’s from scratch, Except for the model selection, as pidgey stated.

Model selection panel is from the wiki. Not from cake script.