Kiwi.X Request Thread!

This isn’t a Kiwi edit its a cgrp edit.
Heres what I got.

-Improved Hud
-(Will be implemented soon!) CP Overlay
-Crapload of weapons (Donaters Can request a custom one too!)
-Donater Flag
-Improved Menus- They were an ass for high resolution.
-Admin Tags in chat


OOC (idk why)
-Resistance has a system of ranks and order.

What I need?

I Really need some people to help with the assload of SWEPs, theres a lot.
I Really would like some suggetions.
I also need more GUI icons like for food money and more.

About 20 Metrocops.
8 Over-watch for Server 2

How to get Metrocop?

1)	Steam Name:

2)	Steam ID:

3)	What Squad are you, Considering? Medusa Sierra Blackwatch (We need a god damn division leader for Blackwatch)
4)	How long have you been seriously roleplaying

5)	How do you arrest Civilians?

6)	Do you have Past experiences with Serious Roleplay Such as TnB if so how long.

7)	What are the rules of engagement for a CP

8)	Give and example of Roleplay with a CP once Please. Be it a small encounter or a arrest and execution

I need cps ASAP I also need a map to run on besides city 8 so we can transition IC
I really need you guys to put anything in the past aside and give my personal side a chance, Here is my steam friends name


This is a plea of help to kick my community off the ground.

Server 1: City18 a European paradise is doomed as the core slowly climbs uncontrollably higher. They Start Evacuating citizen in about a ooc month to the new paradise of the Japan’s City8, then a new ground is broken.

Server 2: City 18 Ruins, as combine try to round up citizens to relocate a war rages on, against the combine. We introduce a brand new rp term for it

-Permanent Relocation
Your character is now relocated onto another one of our servers
(Similar to a PK but you can make a new character on another server)

I know Its a lot but I really need help, I also am looking for.

40 Dedicated roleplayers on both servers.

Here is our group, and website. I also recommend you add me on steam nik6069

(old ass description)

 Thank you all for not derailing the thread I intend to be serious.

Heres the general Highlight if your too assed to read it.

I need 20 Cps and 8 OW for my servers.
My steam name is


I’ll take a OW and a CP, thanks.

The menu is lagging after like 1 min because it was creating itself every time you opened it. I did some changes to fix it long time ago. Haven’t released any version of that though.

If you post a application Ill look into it.


If you could send it to my email that would be great.

Just create the menu on initial spawn, then sit the panel’s visibility to false, then when on the gamemode scoreboard hook, make the panels visibility set to true.

Is the code taken from ts2, or any other ts, or did you make it your self?

CGRP was taken from cakescript, then Chewgum added to it. So it’s an edit of an edit.

Yes, but is its code going to be taken from ts2, because most of the "Improvements " are in ts2, and if so you should give credit to all the people who helped with the makeing of ts2.

Hey man we ain’t stealin.

You should give us your code then.

Not after what you did to me last night.

Are you admitting to coming out of the closet? Lmfao, had to say that.

I don’t want your code, I can code myself. I’m saying to prove it.

What kind of things do you plan on “adding” anyway.