Kiwi's FunHub [Hiring Admins] [InstaCraft] [Tons Of Supply Drops] [Noob Town]

Kiwi’s FunHub [Hiring Admins] [InstaCraft] [Tons Of Supply Drops] [Noob Town]

Hey Guys its kiwiboyhero here! I am the owner of this new rust server and we would like you to join it! Its been up for about 3 days not and the most people its ever had on is 9 and it had 50 slots :smiley:
We need you guys to join!

Yes, we are hiring admins. But when you come in. Don’t ask “Can I be a admin”. Just wait and if I like you I will ask you if you would like to be a admin.
If you like the server please reply to this thread and rate it !
If you really really wanna be an admin contact kiwiboyhero in game and he will sort you out

Current Admins Spaces : 2 Slots!

Owner = Kiwiboyhero
Co - Owner = KIWIMAN
Admin = CleanBandit
Admin = Drew
Admin = Whizzle
Admin = ?
Admin = ?

IP =

Thank you for reading :smiley: