kjsoccer [ failed to connect ( connection failed ) ] help me please!

Hi Guys its me kjsoccer, i just wanna know and why why cant i join any other servers. I tried to but i can’t it says [Failed to connect (connection failed ) every time i try to connect it still don’t work can anyone please give some tips so i can play? or is it just my PC? [ I didnt buy Rust because i do not have enough money to buy we use PESOS to buy not DOLLARS to buy ]

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**Any **Idea why? guys?

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Problem solved. No one here is going to help you connect to servers for a cracked version. And the cracked version cannot connect to non cracked servers. Doesn’t matter if you use pesos or hot dogs for money, you need to actually buy the game.

SteakStyles i would be happy if you just gift me some money or buy me so i can play rust it’s the only game that i played :’( oh man Steak i had to admit that i love to live in the wilderness and explore the wilderness thats why rust is the only game that i need to play

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I have a Steam Code i dont know how to use it i got 2 of them i could give someone