Kleiner Gets REvenge on the Cast Of Half Life 2

this is probably the most fun i’ve had in sandbox for a while. did this after i got bored of beta testing shit

he literally goatsed alyx to tears.


6* out of 5

It’s dumb, stop making comics.

fly away troll

You calling me a troll is hypocritical.

go read some other shit comic with personal skins and photoshop filters if you don’t like mine. cheers mate.


“oh no someone made a comic that doesn’t have horrible forced humor and beveled edges they must be here to troll me!”

You called him a troll and all he said was it was dumb.

Someone’s butthurt lol.

You sure do enjoy goatse, don’t you?

But you are not funny nor will you ever be.

i agree 100%
another heartwarming tale of redemption

I’m really starting to enjoy the goat man series by Rambo_6. “Eat my fuc-” will always be in my heart/ass.

But you are here to troll, or failing that trying to make out that your comics are something more than just troll comics. And if that my friend is the case then god help you.

I still look at goatse everyday to remind myself what that man is doing to his anus

I can see why you’re a gold member.

lol i love dis shit make more kthx

do the exact opposite of what this … thing? says.

finally a good comic
keep it up!

…which fits the very definition of trolling. Take a Hike, ya freakin wang broom.


the goatman… always a pleasure.


actually this comic wasn’t made for trolling i literally just wanted to fuck around with the faceposer after a long betatesting session.


yeah cos im a fuckin rockstar


it isn’t “eat my fuc-” it’s just “eat my fuc”


ALSO, easster egg: barney’s face doesn’t like the faceposer. i was going to make him bent over puking hence the stains on his shirt but i suck with the physgun

the best part about the goatman is that he stretches his anus to unimaginable proportions EVERYDAY

That comic needs more