Kleiner Gets Stood Up.

God, I am excited with these. I think they are my best yet, but I will leave that for you guys to decide. All IN GAME editing! :smiley:

Graphics Q/A:

Q: Are your graphics up all the way?
A: Yes. Stop buggin’ me.

Q: Did you turn on AA?
A: There is no AA option for this computer.

Q: Is there any other things you could have done to make it look better?
A: Yes, probably, but I most likely don’t have the wits to do it.

So, here they are. Kleiner is gettin’ stood up.



Can someone add some editing like blood and some gun smoke please?


C&C please.

on a date? was he on a date with that man? and then the man didn’t show? so kleiner decided to go to his house and bitch at him? but then the guy tied him to a chair and shot him because he just couldn’t deal with kleiner’s shit anymore?


i mean i don’t know that’s what i’m getting from this it could be different from what you had in mind but really i’m not psychic i kinda can’t tell

I would appreciate your recent images, except all of these seems like 1 minute attempts.

I don’t fallow.

Rated myself dumb to save you trouble.

Faceposing is ridiculous.


Lame :confused:

This, also could use a different deagle model.

Stood up?.. He was on a date?

Harr harr :v:

But there is on Gmod

He’s probably running linux like a cool guy

No I mean it doesn’t let me in Gmod. I go to “Anti Antilising Options” in the videos tab, and (where it usually says 2x or 4x) it says “*None”

And No I am not running linux. I stick to windows, even though it crashes like a motherfucker.


Newp. Read text above.

oh no you rated me dumb because I understand a hardware limitation and you posted what the problem actually was after me therefore making me dumb

I never rated you dumb… but you sure seem to be now.



This looks ridiculous