Kleiner madness

So i opned Gmod one day and look at my model. It’s kleiner. but i did not choose kleiner. I changed another player model and guess what? KLEINER AGAIN. i tried all things like deleting addons and stuff. Then i found another error. ONly gman model worked and when using the alyx model i got a error spamming in my console “error vertex for alyx.mdl” or watever. HOW DO I FIX THIS. NO way i am reinstalling my gmod cauz my models is over 19gb and i will take a day to back it up…

It looks like backing up and re-installing would be the only option. But if you -actually- want to find the problem, you’re going to have to go vanilla and look for the problem by re-installing / adding your files one by one.

The Error vertex is a model problem, and you have 19gb of models. I hope you can see where the problem is here. You have a model that’s overriding the alyx one and it’s breaking it. Open your models folder and search “alyx” and delete any files that come up.