kleiner.mdl errorccccc

Error vertex file for kleiner.mdl checksum big number should be big number

Its spamming in my console and lagging me, I thought gmod came with the Kleiner model. If you know where I can download the kleiner model or fix the error please let me know.

We need your steam profile to check and see you aren’t a pirate.


Delete the Garry’s Mod folder ( You won’t have to redownload it ), and verify your Garry’s Mod cache.

What?? delete my garry’s mod folder?! And how do I verify my cache

Better solution, rename the garrysmod/garrysmod folder to garrysmodold then right-click Garry’s Mod in steam, select properties then local files and press the verify game cache button. It will re-download a fresh GMod installation.