Kleiner testing his new Pulse Rifle, but then something happens!

Just messing around, I was bored.


Looks cool besides the blood, and the particle on the gun, which looks to square.

Why’s he exploding on the third pic?

Same here, that thingies look bad.

Bah, who rated me Bad spelling? “thingies” Was said wrong on purpose… kinda obvious duh!

I realize this just for fun and all, but no such great editing.

You were rated “bad spelling” because “that thingies” is terrible grammar. It should be “that thingie” or “those thingies”… even if “thingie(s)” isn’t a real word.

I think the blood needs to be darker, and the particle effect could be better

Bah I can live with that, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: