Kleiner's Corkboard

While this probably shouldn’t be in the mapping section, I did spot and screenshot this in Hammer and thought I’d share with anyone who hasn’t seen this earlier.


The models name and path is “models/props_lab/corkboard001.mdl” and by the look of it belongs inside Kleiner’s Lab in the beginning of Half-Life 2.

Also, Indescribable Salad :v:

Wow, it’s not like this is years old or anything :downs:

I’m sure there are alot of people who are interested in these little things that appear throughout the games.

It is in klieners lab.

No shit?
Just because its in the props_lab folder doesnt mean its necessarily in Kleiner’s lab, alot of those props have been used elsewhere aswell.

Someone should make a model of the younger Kleiner.

Indeed that would be a nice replacement or addition, wouldn’t be very hard either by the looks of it, just add some hair in the model and replace the old mans hair remains with the new one.

I wonder what the “Indescribable Salad” is all about?

ep3 clue

Did anyone else think that diagram of a head crab was a vagina at first?

No, just you.


I did. You don’t have to feel alone.

At first glance…

Wonder who did the “Uncle Kleiner” thing. Probably Alyx in black mesa?

It has Alyx’s name on it…saying she made it.

Well it does say Alyx at the bottom of that part.

Wait… Alyx is Eli’s daughter… Alyx calls Kleiner, “Uncle.” That means that…

Kleiner is Eli’s brother. :tinfoil:

its common to call friends of the family uncle.

Pardon me :3: Didn’t see the Alyx…

I must admit I do like that name… not because she’s in the game… It just has something about it instead of that crappy “Alex”

I know.