Kleiner's Nonexistant Beard = Do Not Want.

Ok, now this sucks. Whenever I get into a vehicle, there are these annoying pair of glasses and a beard in my view. I sure did NOT download that. I probably sound like an idiot to those who this has never occured to; but someone please help.
P.S. Why is there a beard on Kleiner in the first place???

Post a screenshot.

And I’m fairly certain the beard and glasses belong to Gordon Freeman. Hit Ctrl in a vehicle to switch to thirdperson view, where you can better see what’s going on.

Wow, thank you. And yes, you can see that by the shape of the beard it is in fact Gordon’s. But, since you play as Kleiner, I called it Kleiner’s beard.I will post a screnshot.


nevermind I guess I fixed it and the screenshot wouldn’t post anyway. One more qustion, how do you move the camera in 3rd person mode?

It’s quite obvious, isn’t it?


I guess he meant how to SWITCH to thirdperson view.

If yes, just type “thirdperson” at console. sv_cheats must be 1.

And you can switch the view as the same way you do on the firstperson, by hitting ctrl.

Weird, I don’t think the player model is supposed to render at all in first person. Is there anything weird in your models folder?

He most likely had it set to third person mode in a vehicle (ctrl) in which that mode is bugged, and the camera was inside his head.

It could have been a glitched car model which doesn’t allow the camera to be behind the car but allows it inside.

Tell us how you fixed it for future reference.

@CoolCorky I put it in 3rd Person, but it still renders so that I am in the cabin.

@X6ZionX6 Its was SCars 1.5 or something.

@Topholman No, it is clean.


@ SilverBladeTH Can you use the console in Garry’s Mod? I only used in HL2…


@UnknownDude Wrong format or something. I’m not going to question it. And I do believe you need a computer, also.

Gmod uses the source engine, the same used for HL2, Portal, Counter-Strike, and such. Therefore, you can.

If the console doesn’t pop up when you hit the console key, Go to the menu and choose Options > Keyboard.

Then, down there on the Keyboard configuration screen, hit “Advanced”

It’ll open a little pop-up that allows you enable the console by hitting the key

Ah. That is what I tried. I used the default HL2 mapping.

I know the problem!
SCars give problems all the time.
3rd Person is not enabled at SCars, u have to set it in the settings (It’s a STool)


CyberRueben is right.
Thanks to everyone for helping me work this kink out.

What are you talking about? I replied to the question about moving the camera.

sorry wrong guy

You can change your player-model you know, it’s in the settings section in the Spawn Menu.

Holy crap thanks I was gonna post on that…