Klonoa (beta currently but already well usable)

Hi there,

no he’s

Click here to get to the download!

Anyway. I now brought Klonoa from the Wii remake of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PS1) to GMod. He’s finalized now - and well… I included some additional crap: Hewpoe his companion as well as the ring he carries.

In comparison to the beta, now eyelids work!

So have fun!

one quick screenshot:


(very quick pose and I admit, I am suckish at posing^^)

Critics welcome, no flame war please if you find issues… please tell.


(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - cosmic duck))

Ooooh, coool. I always liked the idea of Klonoa, haven’t played it though. Will the left eyelid be fixed soon after you return?

Don’t like it, don’t post. Nice port, gonna try it out sometime!


Nice work as usual Link

Cool, haven’t played Klonoa since the PS. I remember a neat hoverboard demo too.

Aren’t we mature?

More like anthomorphic. He’s no different than Sonic, and Sonic certainly isn’t furry.

This is pretty cool, I’ve seen Klonoa a lot but I never got around to playing any of his games.

Typical it’s always the 09er’s.

Don’t you even know what one is?

I can’t wait for 2010 the new breed of dumb will arrive to this ancient forum and will rain all the fucked up memes.

Take caution people :v:


Klonoa was pretty fun. Good luck fixing his eyelid.

You’re my hero, I loved this game as a kid.

Ahh, the memories :’)

Updated to reflect the new model ^^

And thanks for the positive replies, one “FURRRY” stuff was to be expected I guess :slight_smile:

KLONOA! I played this game before, well, I just played the PS2 game and a few Game Boy Advance games. Though once again, someone fullfilled my desire to get this character in GMOD. Thanks.

Hmm. An interesting character. I personally like the more “fierce” anthro characters (look up “talbain” on google images), but a nice model either way.

And, an excellent port. The model appears to work as advertised, and the ring, if a tiny bit large (for a finger anyways), is a nice addition.

I’m honestly happy that someone actually gave this little guy some attention. Good show!

Thanks… and well, yes, the ring is supposed to be quite large - notice the official packshot: