Klonoa -Models and Ragdolls-

A completely random trip through nostalgia has left me wondering, has there been any models from the Klonoa games ripped for gmod?

Sadly, if there isnt, I dont know any that have been ripped. I’d like at the very least Klonoa and the moos.

To anyone who can help, thanks in advance.

I belive l0nk made a rip and rig of the Wii remake Klonoa (found here: http://gmod.l0nk.org/ ) and I found a MMD model for Lolo. I was also able to find the alt skins for Wii Klonoa but have no idea on how to apply them to the model itself.

Yeah. I’ve been waiting for a Lolo ragdoll for sometime now.

they shit they hide from us when they put these in videos then the author of the video gets spammed saying “where did you get that model?” again and again. anyways, if you guys find any models for me to work with i might be able to help in this project.

Well here’s the model for Lolo http://bowlroll.net/up/dl3384?dlkey=lunatea (just a forwarning, the sight is in Japanise). Funny thing is, I was gonna send request to you to see if you could port it.

Has there been any models ripped from Klonoa 2? Not only for that design of Klonoa, but the bosses too.