KMG Fireball.

A fun ride built by me which is based on a KMG Tango/Equinox.

Although mine tilts to a much higher degree than the real Equinox/Tango.

Also the cars fitted to mine spin, giving the rider an extreme sensation at a very high altitude.

I recently repainted the ride and renamed it the KMG Fireball.

Yes, only a few pictures. But if any of you have a good enough and almost lagless server. I can come and build it and we can ride it. This is the first of its kind to enter Gmod.

Thats really cool your one of the few builders who builds cool themed rides besides all of those no effort rollercoasters good job :slight_smile:

I will upload a video of the KMG Fireball soon.

that is awesome tbh.


i like the flamer picture ones

cool. I’d like to see a vid. Nice stuff.

Video is broken, Youtube states it’s “Unable to convert”. When it is WMV and is meant to be supported by Youtube.

Heh funky, but gmod rides? I’d rather go to a theme park :/.

I could say the same about everything else people make >.>.

I don’t think you could say ‘gmod mechs? I’d rather go to a mech park’

I could say “Gmod planes?” Let’s go to an Airport.

Not to see things like harrier jets and fly in one and blow shit up.

I can just watch war footage on Youtube.

Not the same though, not as interactive. You cant change or edit a video.

(< Is bored of this conversation.)