Knife, fork, spoon. Things like that.

Are there any kitchen utensils around. I swear I’ve seen a knife and fork around ages ago. Any help?

try garry’ and type in food.

I remember the knife and fork a loooong time ago.

If you don’t find any, I could make some when I find some time.

I made a spoon but it looked like shit, probably still on somewhere

Aren’t there models like that in the Fallout 3 ports?

Are you by chance thinking of my oldies? This is the only picture I could find of them, don’t mind the shitty potato model.

If I remember correctly I made them stick in walls when throw with the gravity gun.

Sorry I haven’t posted a while. Those models are pretty good. Can they be uploaded somewhere?

thats a good model… the knife fork and plates good too…