Redone on gm_skylife

Hey, don’t call it shitty! Everybody starts somewhere!

I like the use of phallic imagery in the background. It really taps in to the Freudian subconscious of the viewer (especially Zerax) and explains the look of semi-anguish, semi-pleasure the protagonist is experiencing. Truly profound.

this is without a shadow of a doubt the single greatest post you have ever made

Was expecting an image about CoD. Was pleasantly surprised. Not totally amazing, but it looks okay.

Switch to camera while taking a picture, gets rid of the HUD for you.
Posing and faceposing look alright.
Just needs some zooming and some blood on the guy and it would be alright.

Im confused.

The facposing is good, the posing is meh, it had a good angle, but you didnt switch to camera.


There is a tool which is the camera. It can be found above the toolgun and with this you can zoom (which you should).

Maybe have a go at some editing?
There’s some good tutorials floating around Facepunch, I would suggest looking at that.
Also, general tips for posing:

Put your graphics all the way up before taking a picture
Type “jpg_quality 100”
Use camera, so the HUD and physgun is hidden
Save your work


First, learn how to pose and use lights properly before you even try to edit. It WILL look like shite, unless you have used the program before.

Way to much head and nose room, fill up some of that empty space by zooming or something.

Can’t believe you changed the picture. I loved the phallic rock formation.