Knifemare from TF2

Please someone put it on there, its my dream weapon.

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Anyone do this for me?

Bumpetty bump

What the fuck is a Knifemare?

A freddy krueger glove added in the night of the living update thing

Looks pretty awesome :smiley: Double Bump :slight_smile:

What does this guy even want? The model put into Garry’s Mod?

He wants someone to edit a knife SWEP to use the model he linked to.

Whoa, its like a gunslinger…
but for the spy!

That’s not possible because the model hasn’t been put into TF2 yet. So no one but the author has the model.

It’s been released twice. So yeah everyone has it.

It is fully possible my friend, I downloaded it and everyone I know has too, it has been released so now all I need is someone to make it work in GMOD.

Hahawhat, the fuck are you talking about dude

I could easily make one of these…It won’t take a long time but eitherway…

The team-fortress sweps that were released could be used as a base for the swep. All you’d have to do is hex the model and edit the lua files for the knife and you’d have it ingame.