Knifing Imminent

These guys have horrible fingerposing. Also the guy in the back isn’t casting any shadows, lol.

Holy shit, my gun is floating

I think you should try harder to be witty, you’re not even making any sense :v:

The guy in the back, one arm is with his knife, the other is…I dunno actually.

All I know is he’s not grabbing the handle

His left hand is on the frontgrip of the gun, holding it up.

Ususally when I see a gun posed like that, I just assume the dudes/dudettes have on a strap or something holding the gun to their chest.

Pic’s coo’.

Don’t want to sound like a noob…

But where did you get the guns?

I too would like to know.

Mostly the SV-98

I’ll be releasing a modelpack later today as soon as I’m done porting the rest of the things that are supposed to go into it.

I love the shadows. Great job.

notbad at all.

I like the colors and foliage shadows.

There, released the first pack;

very nice