Knight against Sovereign in Hell.


Demon chap has bigger sword and cooler armor. The knight is in trouble.
Nice work. Like the lightening.

And it seems rating currently doesn’t work. Was going to give you an arty.

Pretty awesome.

Cool model.

The models and posing are nice, but the background is kinda bad, but you get an arty anyway.


Hell looks nice this time of year.

The knight doesn’t stand a chance.

Very nice! :open_mouth:

How did you get Sareths father to be a ragdoll?

Not sure what the massive red splotch behind the Sovereign guy is all about

Here ya go.

when you said sovereign i was thinking of the ship from mass effect

Fucking hell

Dante’s Inferno inspired?
That be some good work right thar.

It’s actually destroyed buildings :v:

Thanks everyone.