Knight casting lightning at a huge red dragon

I thought I’d give a try at posing, so yes, it’s my first pose.

Most of the editing was done in game since I suck at Photoshop. And I had to hide the knight’s right hand since he’s not finger poseable, gah.

C&C appreciated.

rated autistic

Go easy on the contrast but otherwise, pretty nice.

The posing on the knight looks a little off but the rest is great :smiley:

Should be a wizard casting lightning, not a knight, but I can’t find a wizard model for GMod either. Very nice work nevertheless. Light and dragon looks awesome. Have palette.

Why does the Knight have two sheaths?

Edit: Thanks for the answer Chesty.

Holy shit, looks very good :slight_smile:

One for the long sword, one for the short sword.



Or a scabbard. I don’t know what the difference is there though.

thats very very nice for a first pic :o I bet you been posing for a while, and this is your first “posted” pic maybe.

Still, rated artistic.

Flash heal heals dragon for 1337.

Very nice for a first pose. Has a very Dragon Age-y feeling to it, I like it!

It’s probably not a good idea too use lighting spells when you’re in a fully metal suit of armor :smiley:


“I ever tell you about the time Keith fought a dragon and used Lightnin’ magic while in a suit of armor? Turned him into a walking toaster! 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body!”

For a second I thought the dragon was spitting fire at the knight :buddy:
Its looking good but go easy on contrast

He isn’t spitting it, though he’s charging his fire breath.

That’s in game ?


You got to be kidding meh.

I just added a few sparks on Photoshop. Here’s the original:

Well, even if the edit ain’t the best (even when there isn’t really much to edit here) it’s still kool (yes I spelt cool with kool) picture. Artistic :stuck_out_tongue: