Knight fighting demons from hell wit a huge ass sword

Oh man look at this guy, he’s so badass, standing on a ledge, holding a claymore with one hand, the only way this could get more badass is by giving him another helmet

holy shit another helmet

Oh my god, I think I just shit myself, Best damn work I’ve seen with Medieval shit in 2 days


I don’t like the pose of the knight in the second and third pictures. But I do like how you add that Oblivion skull thing onto the hellknight to make it as it’s demonic head. Nice work on the first pic, bottom line. Editing is nice on all though.

Ah. Very beautiful.

Also the sword is known as a claymore.

me eitherr



Both angles are awesome, editing in the pics is great but the dogding/burning on the second and third pic is a little excessive :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the first pic, its just plain awesome.

i didn’t like those ones either but i didn’t burn or dodge it

Mmm maybe its just the normal shadows on the models, then it wouldnt be your fault :stuck_out_tongue:
But I liked the pics so dont worry and keep this up :smiley:


You can’t argue with a knight who has two helmets…

Holy hell I loled at the second helmet. You win a funny.

The editing in the second picture is incredible. Well nice. Very atmospheric.

I like your idea for the camera angle in the first picture, but I think more of the soldier should be cropped out to get the full effect (although to avoid cropping out the monster, you would have to change the camera angle too).

I’m not sure what you mean lol

if i crop out the soldier the focus will be gone and it’d be a leg and a blurry monster