Knight getting attacked

Well this is the first picture I’ve made for a long time, tell me what you guys think about it. And I want to thank Superfrog who helped a little in my editing. Brother power! =3

Nice shadows, the posing ok but the hood guy should be swinging his sword at that point of the attack.

Lighting is quite nice. Shadow on the shield is very good. Other shadows, especially behind the knight, seem rather overly-done though.

good shadows

Just read all above, thats what I think.
(Nice shadows blablablabla)

Rated artistic!

Thanks, I tried to make it look like they where in some kind of dark forest. But now when you say it looks kinda strange =)

I like it. =) There are some sharp edges but we’ll fix that next time.

I didn’t notice them at all =/

it’s ok

Picture isn’t showing up for me.