Knight moving through blizzard

Bit of clipping on the hand :frowning:

Wrong way round!

Hmmm i like it. But the snow is all over the place… Wouldn’t it blow in one direction?

No idea, never been in a blizzard.

Whats up with the foot? :o

Whoa… Blizzard messes with my vision, for a second there I thought he was missing a portion of his foot.
I like it. Have an arty.

@Santz, look at the original, what you think is part of the foot is the staff.

The foot isnt missing, if you look closer. Its just the staff is in front of it, and it has a very straight edge.

Direction of the snowflakes is confusing. But I like the staff. It looks evil:)

Ohhh, I see now :stuck_out_tongue: At first glimpse it looks very strange.
The blizzard looks very messy, the posing is nice tho.

And that poor soldier is carrying shitloads of stuff lol