Knight Of Destiny.

Made this in garrysmod sometime ago…


Constructive criticism.

Bonus: Intense BOOM,

On a side note: Only ingame editing. Both of the pictures.

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Adding some more bonus:
Mr. Foster,

By the fire,

I thought the post doubled. almost deleted everything.

Don’t ever use that explosion effect what’s in foster image. But the first pic is cool, althought it could need some editing.

Dont want to make another thread, so have this:

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I know, but i’m just used to in-game editing. and the foster image was done several months ago.

You don’t have to “lurnz how to not edit ingamez plox” if you don’t want to or need to.

It’s only Garry’s Mod.

The last picture beats them all.

Yes, its because that one was pretty recent.
i know some shader tutorials thanks to Weenur’s thread.

Paradisium! I like the first picture