Knight of the Living Dead. Improved. Huge Image.


There’s a weird light bar on top of the poster but I’ll try to get that smudged black before I get this one printed.

I hope my poem was inspiring.

I also played with the highlights and I hope I didn’t too overkill with the blue.



I like the old one more.

This picture is pretty great, and Clutch is well deserving of the popularity L4D2 gave them.

I have to add the Yeoman since the three travel together. And I really need to add more of the equipment Chaucer gave them so that the teacher may actually think that I read the prologue.

Nice picture right there.

I’d watch it.

Cant see the picture

That’s an epic picture.

I had the Squire.
I drew a poster.
This is much better.

Idea is fantastic
Posing is great.
Editing is passable.
But the composition and design of the poster is really, really poor to be honest.

There’s way too much black space and the typography is terrible. Using two very different fonts for the same sentence is not a very smart thing to do. The background is flat. The characters are so far apart you lose any sense of depth in the picture, making it look bland.

I did a quick sketch that might inspire you. I hope you don’t mind.

As you can see there isn’t a lot of empty space, the background is lively and highlights the main characters and the survivors are standing closer to each other in order to give the picture more depth.

Fixed it a little bit.