Knight of the Living Dead

^Theme music

This is my class project on the Canterbury Tales. We get to choose from a variety of things, one of them is making a movie poster portraying a few characters (The Knight and the Squire). If I can stack up some lunch money, I may get this printed as an actual poster after I add Directors’ Credits and etc.

A+ material?

Very nice! I think it would be A+ material.

That’s kewl :3 love the music

I came in here expecting a knight fighting off the horde of the undead with his claymore. What I didn’t expect was him holding both a broadsword and an M60 along with some other guy with a M249. Clearly this is the greatest picture ever conceived, but ruined by the “movie logo.”

This is actually pretty badass. The subtitle is really corny, but in the good way.

I don’t like the lighting, and honestly think it should have some edited shading in if you’re going to print it out. That is all.

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I like the subtitle

Okay… two freaky things just occurred. 1.) I had a heavily similar idea of knights versus zombies and calling it Knight of the Living Dead (which is easily done by anyone else too, I know); but I am also reading the Canterbury Tales in class.


Guns ain’t loud at school

Your class is gonna think you are the shit.

Cool stuff there.

The hot barrel effect is kinda lazy. Cool picture though.

For the Directors’ Credits I want to add Michael Bay into it, and I think I’m going to remake another poster for a gritty effect, any good textures for blasts?


would make a grreat movie poster

Reminds me about Evil Dead: Army of darkness, somehow.

Looks nice, you’ll get that A for sure.

I love using Gmod for Class Projects too, usually scores an A+. THANKS GARRY!

This. I can’t believe the numerous times I’ve used Gmod for projects. Instant high mark.

I was going to say that. :saddowns:

I lol’d.

Badass Unlocked.
Epic Pun-Check
Big ass guns-Check
Holding sword AND a big ass gun-Check

I didn’t know those models had finger or face posing, did they get an update?