Knight stabs his sword through the eyeslit of an opposing knight

Inspired by this:


Too much blood and it needs a little more motion, but the first person view is really really cool :smiley:

He just stabbed a broadsword through his eye/brain

reminds me of terminator

I know, but still a small hole is created as the sword goes by throw his head, it would creat a minor splash of blood. The kind of blood stain you placed behind the Knight’s head looks like he got shooted by a .357

It wouldn’t make any splat but a flush pouring on the sword.

Tis but a scratch

You crazy bastard you’ve got no arms left

Depends on the power used on the sword & on the sword type, but with that Epee (thats the sword the Knight is using, it is not a broadsword), it wouldnt make any splash so you are 50% right :v:

I actually went to the trouble to spend 2 hours coding an emmiter for one of the EP2 blood effects. good to know that went to waste

I’ve had worse

The one-handed claymore is a bit unrealistic, as is the perfectly well aimed stab and excessive blood.
Is this knight twice the size of the other knight or is he on some step we can’t see?
Picture really needs some motion-blur and/or depth-of-field to really get a sense of battle across.

He’s on a step.

This, I laughed so hard at the blood, how would the blood fly out of the helmet like that
Answer: It wouldnt

Well i tried to make it like the Monty python scene, with a PVKII twist

Poor choice of map location.

Blood didnt explode out of the green knights helmet