Knights chase down guards on a broken bridge, pushing them towards the edge.

damn nice. where didya get those models?

nicely done.

Dark Messiah and PvK models.

Editing is amazing. The posing seems a little dodgy though.

Looks pretty nice! Share the original? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see anything wrong with the posing. Nice editing.

I think Chesty means the fingerposing

it’s a shame because DMM models don’t have any

It looks pretty enough but the composition is no good. The knight in the background is completely blocked by the knight in the foreground so all you can see are some disembodied arms and a leg. Odd. The guard on the right looks like he was just distracted by a shiny penny on the ground.

^ agreed

No fingerposing for those models sucks doesn’t it?

Editing is not bad. Posing is dodgy.