Knights encounter the enemy on patrol

hey all this is my first pic on gmod. C&C would be nice so i can hopefully improve

1st edit

2nd non edited

hope someone liked it

Tone it down

best picture

Ok… So…
There’s lego guys…
You bloomed the fuck out of it…
And then drew angry unibrows on the lego guys?

Editing bloom =/= good/editing… It is okay, kinda clever but it is really dumb. Work on your posing and don’t forget to jpeg_quality 100 and make your graphics high as they can go. Also back up and zoom in with the camera.

BTW, This is getting really old…

If only it were good.

I got a good laugh when I noticed the eyebrows. Cool pose anyways.

I think this may actually be the first time anyone has ever posted a screenshot related to blockland in this section

On-topic: The posing looks kinda sloppy and the mspaint’d eyebrows look really bad and are quite unnecessarily, like ttam6297 said

Also, do you have Marcem’s latest Blockland model pack?