Knives and execution style kills.

I think it would be cool to be able to come up behind someone with a knife (bone knife or maybe a future knife?) and could do a stealthy, Wolfenstein/Battlefield kind of knife kill where it was a quiet, but deadly type of kill. This would only work if approached from behind, and would be hard to do? I don’t know.

It would be a cool stealth implementation.

Why not, though I reckon it should only work on unarmoured players with roughly 50 health.

Pretty sure they said a long while ago they are not going to add anything that takes away player control in order to do something. Specifically they were referring to exactly what you have suggested.

Only possible animation would be a stabbing animation TF2/CSGO style.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking, but if it was possible, it would be amazing to have a mini cutscene like in BF4 or Wolfenstein.

will make possible even after 5 years, in the next patch can only be throwing stones in stealth mode))

How wouldn’t you not be vulnerable to others while you are forced to watch a mini cutscene?

That’s what balances this overpowered move…
Keep your back away from people, and you’ll be fine.
I just hope there would be no way to facestab people.

So, you are getting punished for being sneaky? xD

Well I don’t know…
It would be soooooo overpowered if it was a quick one hit kill, like in tf2.
So this would give the rest of the persons group a chance to kill you.
So you really have to be sneaky.

Wolfenstein is a singleplayer game and Battlefield is a game all about guns, the one-hit-kill melee garbage they snagged from CoD sorta fits in because you’re not supposed to let people that close.
These animated executions have no place in Rust and probably the closest you’ll get is some sort of more powerful but slower stab, similar to the piggystab in Hidden.

You didn’t read my post if you think that i’m trying to suggest putting in CoD knives.

I’m saying, this would be great for stealth.

You would be able to come up behind someone and only behind someone and slit their throat, instead of shooting them while they flop on the ground and SCREAM LOUDLY!!!

Also the pigstab from the hidden would not fit very well.

Did you read mine? Did the earlier Battlefield games have anything like execution animations or snagging dogtags? No? I wonder what popular modern shooter brought the one-hit-kill knifes to the gameplay…
The game isn’t about making fancy silent takedowns, it’s about survival

I’m down with bone knives having extra damage when hitting certain body parts. (In the VERY first days of Experimental, the ONLY way to damage another player was to hit the dick spot on. I’m not joking.)

I am not down with anything that OP is suggesting.

So many people trying to make Rust into something it isn’t. I don’t get it. If you want to play a roguelike game, go play Assassin’s Creed.


Wait, if you agree that the game is about survival and not fantasy style takedowns, why are you suggesting fantasy style takedowns?

I agree that it should be more of a survival aspect.
Sorry for being so rude.

What about jamming an arrow through an unsuspecting victims throat? Or smashing their heads into mush with the rock? Strangling them to death with the string of the bow? Or a simple point blank shot to the temple with a handgun/shotgun? There are quite a few things that could be used for “stealthy executions”, and you go for the hum drum done to death knife.

FTR: I am aware you just used knives as a base example. And also, stealth executions would not really translate well to Rust. Was said, but either you’d be a sitting suck while executing your victim and someone came along or you’d unfairly be invulnerable during the animation.

I like those suggestions.