Knock Knock + Tripod in Red

the blue lamp might be a bit too strong

Dammit, every time I see that Tripod, I keep seeing Power Girl.

You really love those two models, and nothing else.

Of course you do. :v:

well tbh so many people see the cockpit as tits it’s almost worrying

they looked like big bug compound eyes to me from the start, i didn’t really see the tits/ass thing before someone mentioned it

then i started seeing cleavage too lol

When I first saw them in 2007 (Or was it 2008?) I thought they were the brains of the martians controlling them.

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The tripod is because it’s summer
The vault-boy mask is because I didn’t have any other mask models to use.

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Of course, it had to be you who saw boobs, Ryu-Gi.

Hey, I’m not the only one who saw it, pretty much everyone did.