"Knock Knock, We're Back!" - Infected breaking through a door

Wasn’t going to upload this originally, but what the hell. Perhaps if there are flaws or something like that, someone could point them out, like the grain on my last Hunter pic. Fixed that and she looks a lot better.



Same person who requested my last hunter pic requested this, though was sketchy in the details; an original Smoker reaching through a broken door (presumably for a survivor), glowy eyed. After a while, this came around.

Looks kinda awesome, but in a .png?
I love the lighting and the shadows on the Hunter.

Thanks, but whats wrong with png?


Nothing is wrong with it.

I wuv your lighting.

Awesome work looks like you learned a lot from Chesty.

.png takes a terribly long time to load.

For me, PNG makes my images not look so shitty after saving it.

Holy Shit. Everything is High Resolution. How the hell did you do that?

Lighting is cool and the picture has a great feeling.
Awesome as usuall.

That looks really good, the lamp you placed really did the trick. :stuck_out_tongue:

The first-person-view is a bet askew, but the rest is fucking awesome. Nice work.

Really nice work, just that the plank seems a little out of place.

You’re best L4D screenshots maker for me…
It’s fucking awesome!

PNGs are shit to load, but I like the picture.

It looks fucking awesome mate, but more wooden gibs would have been nice.
Also as other guy said the plank looks really odd there.

Good job, Somehow I think this is the best l4d2 pose ever!

Yeah… I was like, wait… metal door… breaks into… wood? Huh?!

Thanks for all comments guys! Fraid I couldn’t find a better wood prop for a makeshift barricade.

Yeah same. Better then Jpeg.

This is only the beginning. :smiley:

Super DoF I guess, plus all settings were slapped up to the max.


I rather have a higher resolution image then a shitty looking one that loads faster.

Really nice indeed. Everything looks great; lighting, posing, editing. All of it blend together brilliantly.