Know lua and have no problem with helping a guy learn?

Hi, first of i’d like to say that i am 17. I am trying to learn lua and i am one of those people for who the shit just WONT work and there is nobody to help me out. I am looking for someone who would be my steam friend and when i need some little help he’d just answer when he has time.I am good at learning and have my best programming knowledge in e2(i know it might seem worthless to you, you monster) which i’ve ben using for about 2 years and i am pretty profesional with at this moment. I got this problem with lua where i do some little thing wrong as a beginner to the language and all i need is someone to tell me what the fudge did i miss since i dont have expirience with the syntax, ill catch up in no time and i dont want you to code whole things for me, i just need help solving problems before i get to know the syntax, just please give me a hand. My steam

Good luck finding someone. Most people here just dumb you.

I can help you from time to time. Add me. Steam username is my FP username.

What he said ^.

Feel free to add me, I can answer your questions.

Thank you all guys :slight_smile: great community.