Know Lua? Check This Out

Im Looking for a Lua coder That Has Time And Wants To Put The effort Into a Community.

What i have:
-2 Dedicated boxes ( both 8gb ram windows, 1 with core2quad and 1 with i3 100mpbs port speed)
-Some Experience editing lua
-Great Players in the community who want to donate and have a good experience on gmod
-vBulletin (Legit)
-Steam community 130 members
-npc script for darkrp

What i want:
A great server for me my friends and players

Why Do You Write Like This It Must Be Really Annoying Having To Press Shift For Each Word

What’s the communitys name?
Why do you have 2 dedicated boxes?
130 members in steam community doesn’t mean a single shit, you could’ve just invited a couple of randoms and they never cared.

I tell you, if you want someone to help you, give him money and he’ll do what you say.

This guy told me the same thing yesterday. I think he is just trying to get free code out of this.

I Think Some People Don’t Know When To Use Appropriate Capitals So Do It All The Time Because Then They’ll At Least Be Right Once

In all seriousness, you should give up on darkrp and focus on something more modern e.g. green shift, nearly every server runs darkrp and you probably won’t get any players (don’t expect anyone from the steam community group to join, joining the group only takes one “accept invitation” click)

Well I suggest you drop one dedicated server and pay a coder with it.