Know of any rust CREATIVE mode servers?

I’m brand new to rust and I have been enjoying the same so far but I would really like to practice my base building / base destroying without having to spending hours collecting materials.

I would like a creative mode like in the game Minecraft where items are spawnable easily.

I know there is already a base designer web browser version at , but having a server where you can practice your builds ingame or with friends would be awesome!

Ideally the server should have:
➨ PvP off
➨ Easy way to spawn items (I know several servers have starter kits, so just make a /kit builder or /kit resources)
➨ Whitelisted (or active admins) to prevent randoms from entering and placing C4 on everyone builds.

I did a search on google and the forums for a “creative” server, but came up empty. Does anyone know of any?

Thanks for your time!

I host a PvE server which /starter gives you 33 items (full inventory). It gives 250 rations, planks, metal frags, the uber hatchet, uber hunting bow, full kevlar, several weapons, ect.

Kill zombies to get 250 of all building materials (they all drop randomly.)
The silver crates (weapon crates) give 60 metal doors each.
The junk crates (wood crate) give you 12 research kits.
The medical crates (red crate) gives you stacks of 250 wood (spike walls).
The ammo crates (green crate) gives you stacks of 250 metal frags (metal doors/window bars).

PvP is Off
Sleepers is Off
I try to keep the server daytime only but it restarts daily and I loose the timescale properties. For some reason my server doesn’t load timescale in the server config.

Server Info
[US] Rust++ Creative Mode [Rust++ 1.4.2]

Nice! I will be sure and stop by today.

Might be a good place to practice on my house building.

fully creative server and its ip is in the video description, hope it helps.

anyone have other creative server? that one is closed

From the server owner

Sounds fun but I am unable to join it.


Yes pls let us know if anybody finds another creative server pls!

Got this saved in a .txt file. Dunno if it’s online or anything.

net.connect - creative server

It’s not.
Looks like there’s no creative servers that are up, all I find on the internet are down.

Giving this a bump…I’d like to know if one exists

Here’s a decent creative server I use to fool around in. It’s currently up and running.


[MEDRUST] Creative/Unlimited Resources/Guns/Ammo via Kits


This is a creative server which I found pretty nice. Hosted by a guy named JedialTheWise and is PvE only with lots of different kits which have all that one could need. Also with porting.

nice wow

We run a creative server under We provide over 25 kits with everything available to you just by typing in /kit (kit name). All of them are listed on our website at PVP is turned off and it is actively admired by myself and two other admins. We wipe almost daily to keep the server fresh for new builds.


Vouch for this server, great for testing out a base build without wasting time and resources.

Only complain would be lack of remover tool. I tried /remove and /remover, I don’t think that server has it.

We have the ownership tool in place at the moment because remover tool was causing CPU leaks and crashing our server. You can still remove with a pickaxe twice on something you own. I put in the older version of remover but its admin only at the moment because of the roll back to the previous version. Once remover is fixed for general use, it will be put back in promptly.

Creative servers…