"Knowledge is power"

The new shadows are amazing.
Took me less than 30 minutes, apparently.
I wish that custom tooled bayonet wielding laser sighted colt 1911 was a real weapon, though.

There are no new shadowzzzz.

There are, the TF2 shadows. Much more detailed and less pixely (that is, if they hit the world.)

There is no new shadows at all man. The lamps seem to have been tweaked and it might let you think shadows are modified, but they’re not.

Oh well, still looks better.

In your mind maybe. Nothing was changed.
w/e the picture is still good.

Now stop derailing this thread.

Posing’s nice and I like the overall atmosphere of the picture. Reminds me of Splinter Cell.

That was the feel I was going after.

Only 2 posts regarding the actual screenshot?

It’s pretty good! I agree, the shadows look better (Not trying to derail, but those who argue againgst the fact that they do, are the ones derailing) and more detailed. Have a pallet.

Looks nice to me :slight_smile:

Some clipping on the laser sight with the pistol.

I like how the pistol looks as a whole though.

Prop resizer sure does help at situations like these.