Known hacks on official servers?

Can we get a list of absolutely verified, known hacks that are used on the official servers?

We all know they exist, and this is not meant to be a thread that advertises how to get them, but just a way to know what hackers are capable of and how to potentially identify the hacks.

Conversely, there seems to be a lot of misinformation floating about, and any time someone is raided you get screams of “hacker” even though it might be completely legit, and the raiders were nice enough to repair the C4’d walls! So again, be sure that you can confirm how the hack works, and you have decent proof.

Personally, I’m utterly convinced that there must be some way that hackers are spawning materials since the size and quantity of buildings on US Central 3 (Stress Test) seems to exceed credulity and the ability for the game engine to generate that amount of raw material.

An easy one to start is the classic “Super Jump”, which I witnessed and screenshot on US Central 3 (Stress Test) about 4 days ago, and experienced again when someone most likely with aimbot arrived at my dead body from about 200 yards away in 2 seconds!

Listing those known hacks would be unwise unless you’re specifically communicating to help with exploit detection for the devs, which belongs in the Rust Exploits forum.

Give hacks less attention, not more.

There is also a hacker discussion thread already.

There’s no point pretending that they don’t exist. If someone is going to hack, that’s an innate personality defect, and knowing about how hacks work isn’t going to change that.

The “don’t mention them” argument is a lot like drug “education”, just tell people that they are bad, and hope that they will abstain! If you educate well, then people will make informed decisions for themselves. In this case, that hacks are pointless, cowardly, and serve no useful purpose in the broader context of the game.

The other “hack” thread is a mish-mash of gibberish focused on hackers themselves, not the mechanisms of the “hack”, and really doesn’t help understand what hackers can/can’t do. For me, it’s what they can’t do that is more important than what they can do.

The legit community deserves to know more than just speculation and hearsay when we are faced with playing against (and sometimes winning!) hackers every day.

See the Rust Exploits forum.

OK, I’ll move this thread there… This one can be deleted/closed.

google rust hacks

there you go

Lots of “fake” videos that simply show admin abilities advertising as “hacks”, not helpful at all…

They’re used on community servers too. You want a list of hacks/features for Rust? Is your Google not working?

there are alot of hacks if you really want to know go to the dark web :smiley:

there you can find them but the are expensive

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superjump/fly. aimbot, shoot through walls. ESP. spawn on top of player. as far as I know these are the only hacks that still CURRENTLY exist. The list used to be a lot longer. I’m just glad no clip was fixed. But the rest of this trash needs to go and quick.