kontrol Admin Mod

I’m currently using kontrol http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1063513 on my server. It is recognized and it is running as it says on the console on joining my server. But for some reason I can’t use any server or client console commands and can’t open the menu. There must be a aspect of the admin mod that doesn’t want to make anything work properly. When I check over the code it looks all fine to be used in GM13. Not asking anyone to convert it for me, just asking what is going wrong.

Thanks for the people who help.

It’s from 2011 dude. Have you looked at the Derma Code?

What I am more thinking about is the commands. No commands what so ever work.

Why not just switch to admin mod that works? There are plenty out there.

Its very clean and a lot more simple for staff members to use.

kontrol has some serious security issues which I don’t believe ever got fixed

The only security issue I know of is the kontrol_owner which I’m going to remove. Is there others?

Is it not?

I’m going to get flamed for this. Just use ULX.

I heard Evolve, and Exsto are good too. The only reason I say this is because this one seems outdated to an extent. Why use an outdated admin modification-which you won’t get much support for-when you can use a mod that is actively used by hundreds of servers?

This is the reason I rewrote literally everything in it from scratch, aside from the derma skin. A lot of the practices used in the mod are considered bad (lots of global variables for example)

Banana, you’ve released a fixed version?

No, I rewrote it for my own servers and kept it private. It has a few dependencies on other stuff I wrote like Global NWVars and MySQL-based player data so I figured it’d be useless to anyone else.

At the moment it’s the only one I need… I don’t like the ULX Derma and the fact that chat commands are public. People find it hard to use sometimes. Evolve just won’t work for me. It messes the spawns and stuff. And I don’t like Existo. I’m gonna just keep trying to patch this one.

Either: Use a different admin mod or hire someone who actually knows Lua to fix it up for you.

I’ll just try fix it on my own.

With your average of six help threads a day, good luck with that.

we’re probably looking at more now

local function PlayerSay( ply, text, public )
    if string.sub(text, 1, 1) == "!" or string.sub(text, 1, 1) == "/" then
        return false
hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "HideCommands", PlayerSay )

This is what I use to hide ULX commands.

You can go into the ULX options and it’ll disable the other half of the notifiers

-snip 1 am brain

Okay… I don’t really care what you think to be honest. I’m just trying to learn. If you have a better way of me learning tell me and provide me with the resources to do so.