Koopa Shells + Thor Hammer

OK these may not deserve their own thread but some git tried to steal them today so I figure I’ll post now just for proof (not sure if he managed to get them or not).

Both mainly wire which I know doesn’t go down well here but I’m a facepunch loyalist.

First Off - Koopa shells

I actually made the hologram shell for another project I just started on (you can probably guess what it is)
but I decided to slap them onto one of my old expressions I made when I was teaching myself applyForce.

The 3 shells spin around me, enough to walk, then have an expanded radius when running. Holding E gives a rotating speed boost. They are thrown by the gravity gun, then return 3 seconds after been dropped/thrown.
Pretty simple really but its mario, therefore COOL.

Not many pics for this, they don’t do it justice, I’ll get a vid up soon.
This is my Hammer of Thore aka “Hammah Tiem”
inspired by whoever made the ban hammer hologram but a cheaper but imo cooler version. *note: doesn’t actually ban ppl

Just a giant hammer that floats around when the gravity gun is out, swinging down when mouse1 is pressed, has two modes:

Follow, where the hammer simply hovers above my head and just swings down infront of me for crushing.

Aim, where the hammer flies to my aimpos, and will swing down, hitting where my crosshiar is.

oh and can be used in vehicles for awesome hammer battles.

Both simple but both really fun (and a bit (in the hammer’s case more than a bit) mingy)

LOL. I like the turtle shells.



But seriously, awesome. Not too much originality lately.

Nice shells and hammah! Vids of both are in demand!

You did it atlast!

The Koopa shells are hilarious and are down right cool! The hammer looks like you had a lot of fun using against others. Both are original and look fun to use! I love it!

I’d hit that hammer.
I would also hit something with that hammer.