Korean Hackers on USA East Large 3

Some guy with ching ping pow symbols for a name and aq5114 are under the map killing people in rad zones and they are spamming fuck usa in chat… They are both hacking and ruining the server. So far my experience with KOREANS on this server has been horrid… they come on the game and play music through voip and run around cussing at people and being complete morons.

Admins im going to record getting killed by him under the map and put the link on here ASAP. Please take action on this

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread / Ching ping pow" - Swebonny))

yep thats definately them! korean hackers and talking trash about america on an american server… if admins dont take action on this im done with this game.

Stop calling kettles black.

The Koreans are slowly dominating the us servers. We need backup.

Call the CIA. Tell them you need support. Maybe they’ll dispatch some of their top l33t hakerz yo to out hack the Koreans

They have every right to enjoy the game as we do, they don’t have many servers in Asia, so naturally they will come to either european servers or american servers. Once they get more Asian servers, I am sure it will all blow over.

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Also OP, you’re a racist asshole. And we have VAC for this. Report their profile to Steam, because reporting them here will not do diddly dick.

who is OP?

The Original Poster, look at the very top.