Korean K1-RIS rifle


download link:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=68761

enjoy! :slight_smile:

  • remake model -

macmillan = zz8140

original model release : ddok1994

ay, The original model is mine! You must indicated the original model’s maker. D:

translated- K1A오리지날 모델은 제꺼잖아요; 원작자표기를 해주셈

sorry :0…

Isnt supposed to be K1 only? and a K1 Looks like this. (korean rifle ;))




Doesnt look like a K1 To me

It is K2 D: K1 is K2’s carbine model.

I love how korean is phonetically the same as english sometimes- 오리지날 모델은= olijinal modelun= original model =D

It’s a pretty bad hex, you’d be better off making a K1 from scratch.

(whats with the random korean people all of the sudden)

Who’s korean? I can only spot one, unless OP is too

Doesn’t look anything like the picture posted.

The one in the picture is the Daewoo K2 Assualt Rifle, not the K1. I was corrected by ddok… :smiley:


Me = Korean American thats 2

Damn asians copying everything, even the damn FN-FNC.
Something feels wrong about the gun, maybe the white’ish texture…

Well my bad, lol.
Looks good either way though.

It works nothing like the FN- FAL or FN- FNC though it may look like it

So what? We like to take the best bits of different stuff and slap together something that works well. Nothing wrong with that, other than western countries (and perhaps Russia) being pissed and all too eager to send teh lawyers over for massive bouts of sue-age.
Plus, South Korea worked closely with teh US in armaments, so don’t be surprised if their hardware looks… similar.


They’re still Asian :V

Sure, we copied many things. Take the car, for example. We copied it and almost kicked the Americans, the orginal pioneers of the mass produced car, out of business.
Take that!!

Ford is still very, very good tho.

so as hyundai

argh i always want koreans soldiers from crysis :frowning: someone convert it plz… its really cool :open_mouth:

lol actually the chinese invented the cannon/gun.