Korro Player model Pack

Hey all, this is my first job with rigging player models, hope you enjoy it, installs to your Addons Folder, and if you don’t know where that is, what are you doing here for… anyway, njoy!

These too, can be ragdolls right?

Awesome pack there though.

Would be cool if Korro was face/eye posable and that his neck wasn’t messed up

I know, sadly these are beyond me for now, i do not understand why the eyes are messed up, but ill look into it, as for face posing, ah, i have no clue, and yes, they can be ragdolls, just browse for em, in my next pack, i have fixed rigging, and i am working on L4D2 player models, yessir, wont be long now.

The rig doesn’t look that good.

lol re-rig it.

Why is that my responsibility?

No but no one perfect. :confused:

the rig on what model? i cannot fix it without knowing whats wrong, and this is m first rig job for Gmod…

Anyway, i have rigged Coach and Ellis for the L4D2 models, lots of adjustments had to be made to the mesh to get them to fit th skeleton properly, and I am getting this strange texture error, I don’t whats wrong, i have fixed the VMTs and the QC is in order, yet the textures do not work, i am going to try to re-VTF the textures, and see if that works…

Ok, quick update, i figured out my texture problems, and Coach and Ellis are read, though the arm rigging on Ellis is a bit fugly, so i’m gonna fix that before anything else…