Korsakovia is a mod for Half Life 2.

The story line is that you are playing Christopher, a supposedly mentally ill patient that was found at the scene of a fire with out his eyes - “We couldn’t find his eyes at the scene, something something we think he ate them”.

While the mod is overall good and has given me a few good thrills, I was genuinely amazed that a seemingly very popular mod had such terrible mapping.

It would seem that the lead mapper was completely unaware of the ability to rotate textures, custom textures and just about any mapping skills a half decent tutorial would teach.

I’ll get images up in a minute to show just how generic the mapping is.



For those who are considering trying the mod, know that despite the crappy mapping, it is a great mod and it has a great story line.

The poor quality mapping puts me off massively.
I prefer something well mapped such as Research and Development. A lot of story telling is done by the map and the surroundings, what you see and hear rather than what you are explicitly told.

Those enemies are scary as shit! The storyline sets the mood and all, but it’s trying to navigate the levels with those enemies and their screams that’s terrifying.

I assume the crappy mapping was in the final version because “it was about gameplay, not quality”.

Good Quality = Good Game play and just a visually nice to play.

Well, this mod was made by a researcher as a school project, so there’s all the time/effort/expertise constraints there.

Best screenshot ever there bro

Agree. It’s kinda bad switch between rooms. A little frame with bad texture. he probably thought it’s good enough.

It’s showing the grain going the wrong way, Bro.

I didn’t enjoy this mod at all.

I don’t care if gameplay was the top priority because even in gameplay it failed for me, most of the time you’ll get to use noclip to find a solution or anything like that. It gets boring and boring over time, same boring enemies that can only be defeated with a crowbar, It’s stupid. I didn’t enjoy the story, gameplay and the mapping.

I don’t recommend this mod, though, that’s ALL only MY opinion.

Good story, decent atmosphere, bad mapping, same lackluster gameplay you’d often see in a lot of mods.

Aside from that, it was very interesting.

Come to think of it, I did spend hell of a lot of time waving randomly at the smoke things with the crowbar.

You guys should take another look at Dear Esther, which is being re-mapped with higher quality displacements and a shit ton of detail_props.

What I want to know is what is Dan Pinchbeck’s obsession with half-crazed, dying men?

That’s what I thought when I first met Mister Fast Zombie.

Sorry for the bump, but I’m stuck and it’s pissing me off. Can someone tell me where the fuck the Crowbar is in Chapter 5? It’s the one where everything is slanted.

You thought the mapping section was the place to ask?

Try the valve games and mods section.

Sure you have a point, but I’d say it’s better asking a quick (and kind of relevant) question here rather than creating a new thread over there.

I hate those black cloud things

I saw this mod in PCGamer.

Read the post dates please.