KoS discouragement

How about a 10 minute crafting and gathering speed debut when you kill someone? You could call it adrenaline drain or something. This would maybe help the KoS mentality that 95% of the player base employs and perhaps provide a little variety when it comes to player interactions.

There should be no discouragement towards KoS

Yeah if you don’t like it don’t play :slight_smile:

I haven’t had that much of KoS. Using VoIP can usually help avert attacks. That also depends on who you run into of course. Oh yea, you could also look for PvE servers or a server with the word “Friendly” on it. You might not have to deal with KoS then.

As soon as you get a gun and shoot back they run and hide like pussies.

I’m a KoS player and this game cannot retain a big enough player base if it caters to only players like me (see population since they cut off the stream of new players). At least in day z you turned into a bandit and were instantly KoS to the entire server… There was a consequence for being a pk and it was a more challenging path to take; in rust it’s the easy and only path to take. The game in its current form is unsustainable; too many wolves and not enough sheep.

Well said, but players should not be punished for their play style. What Rust needs is more benefits for people who team up (like how DayZ worked with blood transfusions).

I’ve been domed a couple of times for giving transfusions. :frowning:

I am sorry but the more you try to hinder KOS, the more KOS players will take it out on you ingame. There is no solution to KOS, especially in a “survival” game.

I think making the Crafting time and gathering speed take 10 minutes would just make players KoS more to get items they take that much to craft/gather…

If you take a minute and think about it, What would happen if they removed player damage so there was no PvP? There would be no game anymore. I do not understand why people continually choose to buy action shooter games of this style and then are upset about KOS. This is how the game is supposed to play out. Imagine if I went to the World of Warcraft forums and kindly asked that they remove all spell damage because it was ruining my gaming experience. The gameplay in Rust as it is now is the core gameplay. It will never change from this, only build on top of it.