A King of the Hill map based off the Fightyard game mode for Counter-Strike: Source, and similar games.

A little bit about the map:
-Control Point is located in the center of the map
-Supports up to 48 players (if you can hold that many)
-Control Point must be held for 2 minutes to win the round
-Bot friendly! The map plays well with a full server of bots.

Download Current Version: http://filesmelt.com/dl/koth_fightyard.rar

Download Beta 1: http://filesmelt.com/dl/koth_fightyard_beta1.rar

This is GMOD not TF2

the map can be used in gmod however

This is a source mapping forum, who cares what game its for.

I’m currently re-vamping the map.

Re-made the rock walls.
Fixed/Changed the skybox.
Change the bloom settings.
Increased capture timer by 30 seconds (used to be 1:30, is now 2:00).

Right now, I’m re-aligning the sun so it matches up in the skybox and I think I’ll go for a re-release.

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Updated OP with newer version. Be sure to check it out! Again, if you host this map on your server, please PM me or post your server’s IP address here.

Are you being serious?

I hope you’re not being serious.

Guys, is he being serious?



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oh wow.

So has anyone actually tried it out?

It honestly looks boring. It’s was too open, ruining the gameplay. Try adding some elevated areas, such as balconies or bridges. Other than that, the map itself looks nice.