Alright, my first TF2 map EVER, and it looks actually not that bad.
Although the 3D sky box is a bit wonky, it shouldn’t be too bad, but for now I’ll compensate by making the map called highland.



Credit of the screenshots go to ManeShadow (That’s his steam name, go add him!)
Comment below to tell me what you think!

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I’d genuinely like some feedback, anyone like/dislike this?

Nicely done for a first map.


  • The map looks like it would be really easy to play sniper on

  • Kind of small but looks alright for a small server(4-10)

  • A bit to blocky looking for my taste

  • Blu teams roof looks like the texture repeats to much

  • Could use maybe one or two props to use as cover in the main area for both sides

Remember to stick to the Team Fortress 2 artstyle, it might be difficult, but the results can be astounding.

My suggestions:

  • Like said above, try to fit into the TF2 art style and fix the repeating textures
  • Add some variety and make it look more visually appealing. You could add some nice props or maybe a room where that giant blank wall is for both bases
  • Add something to counter snipers. Since it’s such a small map with high windows, sniping would be a breeze
  • Bulk up the control point stand a bit (wider)

Really great job for your first map.

Thanks, guys!
I really appreciate the support.
I’m making a CTF map, and it’s looking pretty good, but i will also try to prep this map as well.
I agree, also, it is quite blocky, but it should be alright.
Another bad thing is that sentries have a tendency of covering the entire map with its firing radius
snipers are also overpowered.

As a suggestion, make it so sentries cannot be put down on the main field and only from the window. This will make it so its only effective if it’s wrangled.

How, though?
I’m not that great at understanding these things.
Would anyone have a tutorial?


Thanks mate!
I’ll be uploading soon.

Has anyone even downloaded the map?

I have. Did you release the new version yet?

Sorry for late reply.
I’ve been working on other things, i’ll work on the map VERY soon.
I’m using your guys’s advice for a new map.
I’m not abandoning this one.

compared to my first map this is like… gold…
keep up the good job you will only get better

Thank you very much.
Sorry for the lack of updates, guys, i’ve been on other projects. I will get to this soon, i promise! procrastination

You may or may not want to consider changing your map’s name, there’s a cp_highlands in development right now too.

Mmk. This map is put on hold until I get some inspiration.