Kotonoha Katsura (school days) request

hey hows it going facepunch? today i would like to request Kotonoha Katsura (the girl from school days) I know its not in any 3d model so someone has to make it with a 3d modeling program…if any of you kind people would be inclined to do this model for me (or facepunch or any school days fine like me) would you be up for the task? You dont have to rig it just make it a obj if you are lazy and send it to me so i can rigg it and such thank you kindly and have a nice day :slight_smile:
here is the rerence


Try checking out the Anime Pack thread, someone might already have it there. Or if it’s not, you can request to have her added there.

thats the thing…i already checked there and there wasnt a model…and i requested it and they said no they need to get payed to do this model from scratch…:frowning:

Ok you know what you guys can just forget about doing this model…no one seems that inclined to do a anime model…not even the anime pack thread so im prettys sure its hopeless now to keep my hopes up, I thank you for reading this thread and i hope you guys have a great day…

get out

just like i do


Theres a program somewhere for drawing out 3D models of anime characters by tracing a perspectively accurate picture at an angle, i’ll see if I can find it…

Edit: Bingo :smiley: