Kotonoha's Time at TF2

XenoAisam made the Kotonoha model today, which I requested 2 weeks ago, but it’s in beta. However, I decided to have a little fun with the screenshots. You’ll never know what she’s doing with the BLU team… even though she’s not wearing anything BLU. You can’t tell if she’s a double agent.

Dozuki. Deadly Dozuki

“Put that maggot in the trophy cabinet!!”

So she’s pretty much retarded or something?

What do you mean?

It must be the downs.

She looks retarded and the soldier is laughing at her for being retarded. Heavy is going to rape her because it’s the only girl he can get (even though he’s not really “getting” her because he’s just gonna rape her, but she moves slow because she is retarded so it will be an easy catch).

That’s what I gathered from these pictures.

She also has a clear “hurf durf” look on her face.

Shitty model.
Biggest eyes I’ve ever seen on…whatever the hell that THING is.

I’m not trying to be an asshole, but that model is shitty. SHITTY I SAY.

Work on your posing(That’s a good looking dead guy), crank up the graphics. Use the model if you want.
and get Gimp or something to edit your poses.

That model made me :crossarms:

Wtf is a “Dokuzi”.

I don’t want to find out what’s going on in her mind.

Actually, you took this in the wrong way.

The first picture involves killing the RED Soldier with a dozuki, and the Heavy wouldn’t want to dare mess with her.

The second shows that Kotonoha took the head of the RED soldier from earlier and the BLU Soldier was impressed with her work. The helmet was also a souvenir. As for the severed head, put that in the trophy closet.

Clear enough for you?

i’m waiting for “heavy” action :stuck_out_tongue:

How the fuck was I supposed to guess all that from these two pictures? And what the flying fuck is a “dozuki”!?



yes, what the fuck is a dokuzi, it looks like a dildo.


Anime in Garry’s Mod is a nononononnononono:happyelf:




AHH! :crying:

She’s a fucking anime character ofcourse she’s fucking retarded.


not all is retarded~

well maybe some~

They may not all be retarded, but they all look retarded.


Needed more hugging severed head on a boat.