KOTOR Soldiers

I recently got bored and decided to port some KOTOR models.
I will be doing the Republic troops and the Sith troops. In addition to the ports i will also make new models for Admiral Dodonna and Saul Karath.
All the progress will be posted here.

Sith Soldiers:


Comes in 2 variants. The heavy trooper and the sith soldier.



PS: The Soldiers ARE shiny, the screenshot was just taken before i added phong and bump.

Republic Officers:






Sith Officers:







Republic Soldier (A.K.A Khan the ape guy):




Looks rather nice. Though he looks a little blocky around his shoulders, chest and crotch, perhaps you could add some more detail there?

You should rig the Sith soldiers with Combine animations and the Republic guys with rebel ones. Maybe you could put the citizen heads on the Republic guys? That’d be cool. Looks nice, by the way.

The head looks kinda blocky too…or maybe I’m not remembering it right. Still, models from KOTOR are rare so more power to you good sir.


try putting these dudes into GMod


Make them HD and port in some weapons and you can count on my download.

I FUCKING CAME!!! cant wait till these come out.

I’m pretty sure they both use the same animations.
At least the player models.

I was getting at replacements for Half-Life 2. In that case, they use different animation sets.

Combine and Resistance anims are completely different.

Thanks for the feedback. Ill add some more detail to the places you mentioned.
And the model will use MetroCop, Rebel, Combine and PlayerModel animations, so i think it should be okay.
And about the Rebel soldiers, ill add the citizen heads, but then the faceposing wont work.
Last time i tried to give some expressions to the Malak model, it was awesome in 3dsmax, but ingame it simply didnt work. If anyone has got a good tutorial, then they will have faceposes too.
And about the models you mentioned, i already did one of the droids that were there, and Snood (i think that was his name) did HK-47.
Couldnt find link for HK-47 sadly >.<

I can do it 3 ways: Make a new model from scratch, MeshSmooth or improve the already existing one.
Choose what you want, and in the meantime i will do the Republic Soldier.

You can find that HK here:

and here:

Using all of the anim types at one time is a bad idea, It will just make the model T-pose in-game if you try to use it on anything.

if u can do some of the republic soldiers that would be helpful.

Updated the thread with Republic Soldiers. Look in the first post

what about the regular republic soldier models? not just those commanders?

and the mission in underwear for all a predators unusual needs. lol

Updated the first post with Sith Officers and Republic Soldier. (and a few screenshots got replaced)

raise the head up a little bit and it would work good.

for the soldiers/commanders/etc